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Posted: Monday, July 18, 2016

Turn back the pages of time with fun Facebook sites

Our memories of growing up fade, but thanks to the Internet, they can be brought back to life. 

A number of sites on Facebook feature mini-visits to the past, and the folks who have liked these pages obviously have a lot of fun on the trips. Besides posts ranging from funny to serious, the best thing about these posts are the stories people share in response to them. Little communities form around, for example, reminiscences about a favorite doll. 

Here are four of the best. If you’re on Facebook, just enter the titles in your search bar. Check out these pages and jump back in time.


The Good Old Days 

Join a club of more than a million people who like this Facebook page and regularly get to see posts that will bring back sweet memories. Visit this site, and you’ll recall why a lost skate key could really ruin your day, or how you laughed at classic TV shows like "I Love Lucy.

Recent posts on the page showed candies we loved when we were kids. Remember Sugar Daddy, a caramel pop that was so saccharine it made your teeth hurt? How about Nik-L-Nips, those little waxy bottles filled with flavored liquid? You had to bite off the tip to uncork the treat. 

Who can forget talking to an operator to place a phone call, or waiting for someone on your party line to finish? If you ever built something with an Erector set, marveled at 3D images on a View-Master or piled into a photo booth with your friends to take silly pictures, you’ll love this page. 

There’s a video of the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle that shows a couple of teenagers riding a monorail to the fair, and one of a dance called the Sloppy Joe. And speaking of Sloppy Joes, the site posts classic recipes such as Creamed Chipped Beef, served on toast. 

You’ll also find photos and even film from World War II days and earlier.


Old Photo Archive 

There’s something special about old photos. The old black-and-whites you’ll find on this page reveal in sharp detail the customs, fashions and décor of days gone by. 

You’ll find historic photos, such as the one of President Theodore Roosevelt on his way to his inauguration on March 4, 1905; the last known photo of the Titanic before it sank. 

Take a virtual trip down the aisle with brides of the 1850s, so elegant and very covered up, or have a chuckle at girls of the 1900s having fun. 

There’s a lovely shot of a first-class cabin in a Pullman train car that rivals a fancy hotel for luxury, and numerous portraits of the young Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities. 

Check out this page to find out the real reason why folks in pre-1900 photos never seemed to be smiling. (Hint: It wasn’t because they had bad teeth or had to sit still for long exposure times.)


Sweet Memories of Youth 

This page is all about good, clean fun. 

Celebrities like Lucy and Desi, Father Knows Best and his brood, Mr. Ed and the Monkees make appearances here. 

There are recipes here, too, such as Pimiento Cheese—the sandwich filling we toted to school in our lunch boxes, and photos of classic cars and toys.


Do You Remember When 

Every little girl played with paper dolls, and this site will remind you of the time when you did that. 

Sometimes the site will show you a photo still from a movie and ask if you can name it. A recent post pictured Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers in what was obviously a romantic comedy. Do you remember it? Mr. Ed and other stars from old-time TV show up here too. 

The site reminds us that we used to lick the beaters and the mixing bowl when Mom was making a cake—and lived to tell about it! Hundreds of people commented on a picture of a freezer—the kind you had to defrost. 

The site also posts a series, “What happened today in the past,” highlighting famous people’s birthdays, movies music, TV shows and events associated with that day through the years.

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