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Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How technology can help you stay fit

Do you think technology is just for younger people? Think you can’t master new electronic devices and systems? Well, think again.

There are several kinds of devices that can help you stay fit and active, and they’re very easy to use.

Video game consoles like the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation aren’t just for kids who spend hours playing video games. You can get programs for these systems that will get you out of your chair and moving—virtual dance competitions, virtual sports like tennis, bowling and golf, and exercise programs from aerobics to yoga.

These devices come with the accessories you’ll need to play or exercise, like touch-sensitive platforms, motion sensors and built-in cameras that help you maintain correct form. You can keep track of your scores and improvement over time, and you can invite folks over for some friendly competition.

Wearable devices track your activity and can you meet your fitness goals. FitBit, for example, makes several kinds of devices, from a clip-on step counter to a wristband that not only counts your steps, miles logged and calories burned, but also measures your heart rate and even monitors your sleep. The sleep tracker monitors your movement to judge the quality of your sleep.

These devices connect wirelessly with your computer or smartphone so you can set daily goals and follow your progress in meeting them. Their design is evolving; the Jawbone Up, for example, is a lightweight, comfortable wristband that looks like a fashionable bracelet. Similar devices are made by iFit, Basis and Mio.

If swimming is your sport, you can get wearable trackers from Basis, Garmin and other manufacturers that are waterproof. But others are specifically made to perform as swim trackers, like the Garmin Swim Watch, Swimovate PoolMate, Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS Watch and Moov Smart Fitness Coach and Tracker. These devices can count laps for you and track your strokes, distance time and calories burned. The Moov device can be used to track your activity across multiple sports, from asking and cycling to swimming; analyzes and coaches your form, guides you through scientifically developed workouts; and even talks to you as you work out.

Smart watches made by Apple, Pebble, LG, Samsung, Garmin and Sony can perform some of the same functions and include many other features. The Apple watch, for example, alerts you with a tap when someone sends a text message. If you’re sitting, the watch’s movement sensor will remind you to get and move every hour. The watch’s voice-activated “personal assistant,” Siri, lets you instruct the watch to start monitoring your workout or play music while you walk or run. You can even make purchases with your watch through Apple Pay.

The choices in the field of fitness tracking are exploding. With a little research, you can find the one with the looks, capabilities and features that’s perfect for you.

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