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Posted: Monday, May 24, 2021

Advantages of Independent Living vs Staying at Home

Are you considering whether you should move into an independent living community or stay in your existing home?

It’s a big decision and many older adults aren’t sure how best to weigh the advantages or to choose which environment would better support the type of lifestyle they’re looking for.

If that sounds like you, here are 5 benefits of independent living that you likely won’t find at home. For many community residents, these are the priorities they were searching for and they have made all the difference.

Home vs independent living: 5 advantages you won’t find at home

1. Maintenance-free life

After the upkeep of a home for many years, it can be a huge relief to realize you can move and leave it all up to someone else.

No longer will you need to worry about roof repairs, repainting the exterior or replacing a furnace. Even the smaller daily tasks are nice to hand off to someone else. And think of all the free time you’ll now have to spend exactly as you like.

2. Monthly calendar of activities

In an independent living community, someone else thinks of different activities to offer and coordinates everything that’s needed. Take a look at a monthly calendar and you can plan ahead to participate in the ones of interest.

It’s also a great way to meet other residents. For example, you might choose to join a book club, a bridge game or attend a lecture. And any activities planned for off-site will also include transportation.

3. Fitness center, swimming and classes

Are you committed to staying in shape? Or are you committed to getting that way? You’ll discover it couldn’t be easier to do once you move to an independent living community.

Walk out your door and you’ll find a fitness center and exercise classes to help keep your health resolutions. Some communities include a swimming pool or other amenities that will support both your physical and mental fitness.

4. Enjoy the ease in meeting and making new friends

As we grow older, it can be more difficult to meet new people. We may have also lost a family member, had friends who moved away or find it more difficult to attend different activities or social events.

But if you move into an independent living community, there are so many opportunities to meet your neighbors and other residents. Before long, many are not only friends but will feel like family as well.

5. Delicious meal options

You’ll have a full-sized kitchen in your residence but on those days when you’re just not in the mood to shop, prepare dinner and clean up afterward, you won’t have to because that’s taken care of also.

Not only can you eat a delicious and nutritious meal, it’s only steps away from your home. You’ll have the benefit of eating healthy instead of snacking or skipping meals. And if you dine with friends, you’ll receive the benefits of connecting socially.

Why your current residence may no longer be “home sweet home” 

When compared to an independent living community, you may discover your home is no longer such a good fit.  

Here are a few of the reasons your preferences may have changed:

1. The home no longer fits your lifestyle

Your children are grown and have moved away. You may have too many empty bedrooms or large gathering spaces that are no longer used. Except that you’re still heating, cooling and maintaining the spaces.

If you’re keeping your larger house for when the kids come home, it usually makes much more economical and practical sense to rent a home or hotel rooms for the days they’re visiting.

2. You’re tired of the maintenance

Owning a home comes with a lifetime of maintenance and upkeep. While there is much pride in home ownership, it also becomes tiring. And it doesn’t end.

The only other option is to hire someone to take care of all the upkeep. But that requires work in itself – to find a reputable company, compare prices and possibly supervise the work that’s being done.

3. The neighborhood has changed

You may have moved in as one of the many young families that lined up and down the streets, but time has marched on.

You might no longer feel connected to your neighborhood. Your old friends may have moved away. It may not be as pedestrian-friendly as you’d like or as convenient to get to shopping, medical appointments or entertainment.

4. You may have to drive everywhere you want to go

If you’re finding yourself driving less or no longer driving at all, you may discover how difficult it can be to get where you need. Especially if you live in a suburb where having a car is a necessity to get around. If you don’t have a good transportation system or other services, you may find yourself stuck at home more than you’d like.

5. You may find yourself becoming lonely

When you were working or raising children, you might have been more connected to the community. But today, you may discover you’re spending more time alone. You might even begin to feel a little isolated.

Are you able to get to social events or the activities that you once enjoyed? It’s a great benefit to both your physical and mental health to be engaged, but you may discover the opportunities are harder to find.

Ingleside’s Westminster at Lake Ridge Independent Living

We understand the benefits of what an independent living community has to offer and see them in the faces of our residents every day. We’ve designed our community, services and programs to support all efforts to age well and live an enriched life.

Take a look at what our vibrant community has to offer: 


  • Your choice of cottage or apartment home 

  • Open one or two-bedroom floor plans that you can personalize to make your own

  • Maintenance-free lifestyle 

  • Chef-prepared meals in our elegant dining room or casual café

  • Fully equipped fitness center

  • Heated indoor swimming pool

  • Woodworking shop

  • Two fishing ponds

  • Indoor greenhouse

  • Beautiful walking trails through our 62 wooded acres

Please visit our website for more information or call (703) 420-7105 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.

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