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Posted: Wednesday, February 10, 2021

5 ways assisted living helps keep your independence

If you ask seniors about their biggest concerns, there’s usually one at or near the top of the list.

The loss of independence.

Based mostly on assumptions made and misperceptions, many older adults have expressed this worry when it comes to assisted living.

But the exact opposite is actually true. By getting a little help now, seniors often find they’re able to hold onto their independence longer.

5 benefits of assisted living that support an independent lifestyle

If you’re not familiar with all that community life has to offer, consider these advantages:

1. Assisted living provides a helping hand

As we grow older, it may become more difficult to get into and out of a bathtub, manage medications or cook healthy meals. Referred to as the activities of daily living, assisted living helps seniors accomplish these basic tasks.

How assisted living supports your independence

Many older adults don’t want to ask for help, even from their own children. But in assisted living, help is included. Your child or another family member doesn’t have to shop for your groceries or help you with housekeeping. It’s all taken care of.

If you’re struggling to keep up your home or could use a little assistance with grooming, you won’t need to call anyone or wait until it’s a convenient time for others to help. You’ll receive the assistance you need and then can go about your day, taking part in the activities that interest you.  

2. Assisted living provides nutritious and delicious meals

Are you ready to take a break from planning, shopping and preparing meals? And of course there is also the clean up. It’s no surprise if you’re ready to join so many others in turning over the kitchen duties and be served instead. All you’ll have to do is choose from a tempting menu.

How assisted living supports your independence

Maintaining good physical and mental health begins with diet. What we eat can make a huge difference in how our bodies respond to daily activities and the normal stresses of life. It also can greatly impact our ability to fight off diseases, recover from illness and even delay cognitive impairment.

But it may become more difficult to get to the grocery store and prepare healthy meals. And if your appetite decreases, it may also be tempting to eat only a few bites of a snack. And although that takes less effort, your body isn’t getting the nourishment it needs.

3. Assisted living provides opportunities to make friends     

As an individual grows older, there may be an increased likelihood of becoming isolated. This can happen naturally as a loved one may be lost or a friend moves away. Combined with a common inclination to no longer drive or to drive less, seniors may find themselves staying at home more.   

How assisted living supports your independence

Social interactions contribute to your good health. One study found that family relationships are influential, but friendships may have a bigger impact on optimism and positive feelings. This may be due to family relationships being more about caregiving while friendships aren’t based on a sense of obligation.

However, as seniors age they may find their need for relationships and the opportunities to make them may not be on equal footing. Assisted living provides a natural opportunity to not only meet peers with similar interests but offers activities that create a natural way for people to meet and enjoy each other’s company.

4. Assisted living provides planned activities

Wouldn’t it be nice, and much easier, if someone else took on the responsibility of planning activities? Imagine a monthly calendar of things to do that suited your interests or just sounded like fun. They are typically offered on-site so they couldn’t be more convenient and if there are social events off-site, transportation is included.

How assisted living supports your independence

Being engaged in life plays a large role in aging well. Seniors who live at home alone may not realize the toll that inactivity and inertia can take. But by taking part in activities, exercise classes, or tapping into your artistic side, the benefits extend not only to your physical health but your emotional health as well.

Inactivity can also have a negative effect on mobility, which can greatly influence maintaining independence. Movement plays a large role in health because it can influence your ability to walk, maintain your balance and lessen your risk of falling.

5. Assisted living provides a sense of security

As we grow older, we often worry more. Concerns may range from our health, our safety, becoming ill or injured. Assisted living erases so many worries just by allowing seniors to know that they are never truly alone. It’s comforting that someone is always there in case it’s needed.

How assisted living supports your independence

One of the favored benefits of assisted living is that you will still have your own residence and privacy. It’s your decision whether you want to stay at home, join others in a fun game or attend a concert.

You can continue to live as independently as long as possible when you move into a community. And you will no longer have to be concerned for your personal safety or what to do if you fall, become ill or otherwise need assistance. Not only are the residences designed for your safety but most communities are secured as well.

Ingleside’s Westminster at Lake Ridge Assisted Living community

Our residences, activities and amenities are tailored to meet the needs of our residents. And the benefits don’t stop there. You’ll have privacy, assistance whenever needed, delicious chef-prepared meals and scheduled transportation.

The choices are all yours to make. Our role is to support you in living the best life possible. And we’ll lend a helping hand whenever it’s needed. Your spacious living suite with its own bathroom and large walk-in shower will make you feel right at home. And you’ll soon be meeting and making new friends with our programs and social opportunities.

If you would like more information about assisted living, please download Just the Facts: Your Guide to Assisted Living.

Please call (703) 420-7105 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.


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