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Posted: Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Tips to make your assisted living community your home

If you or a loved one will soon be moving to an assisted living community, you may have already decided on the floor plan and have become familiar with their activities and dining program.

But one of the most important elements of a successful move is making sure that the new home is just that. Home.


Here are a few suggestions for you to consider for how to make your assisted living community home.

1. Start with the community

Making a new home truly your own begins with the community that you choose. Pay attention to your first impressions when you walk up to the entryway and whether this is a place that you’d be proud to call home.

Once inside, take note of the lobby and common areas. Are they warm and inviting? Do the choice of floor plans include one that suits you well? Does the staff make everyone feel welcome when they walk through the door?

2. Bring your favorite furniture

Most people will be downsizing with the move but choose your favorites to bring with you. Measuring the space first or requesting a floor plan with dimensions can make this much easier so you’ll know how much room you’ll have.

If you love your couch and armchair and they fit, that could be perfect. How about your bed and dresser? Some new residents decide to celebrate with new furniture. This option lets you shop for just the perfect pieces, sizes, fabrics and colors.

3. Fill in the spaces but don’t crowd the room

Now it’s time to see what other items you have that can complement the room. Do you have the perfect size coffee or side table? How is the lighting in your new home? Overhead lights can clear the way but placing a couple of lamps also provides more direct light where needed and creates such a homey feeling.

Don’t forget to bring your favorite throw to drape cozily over the chair or couch. Look at your favorite rooms now and see what you like best. Arranging your furniture similar to the way it was can also bring a sense of comfort that welcomes you to your new home.

4. Personalize your space

What items are closest to your heart or speak to your personality and what you love most? It might be much-loved family and friends’ photos or those of your best destination vacations. Or there may be a favorite painting or piece of art that brings joyful memories of an anniversary. And don’t forget the priceless creations from your grandchildren.

When making your assisted living home your own, remember to pack favorite quilts, blankets and pillows to make your bed beckoning at the end of the day. And if you have the space, consider a small table with chairs to enjoy a meal with visitors or coffee and cake.

5. Choose wisely and consider double duty items

There are some great choices today that are popular with smaller spaces. Look for furniture that can serve two purposes without taking up twice the floor space. Consider coffee tables or ottomans that double as storage spaces, or beds that have drawers underneath.   

Also, think of furniture that can be used in addition to its original purpose. An example could include a table that might also serve as a desk or office space, a gathering place for a meal, or a game table when you’re putting together a puzzle.

6. Make sure you’ve considered your favorite things

If your best-loved activity is cozying up in your favorite chair and reading, find the perfect corner or nook in your new room. Add a small bookcase, a side table and lamp and you are all set.

If your idea of the perfect night is to curl up on the couch and watch a movie, make sure you have the right seating to focus on your television. If you’d rather invite a friend over for a glass of wine, creating a sitting area that supports socialization will make your new assisted living home your very own.

7. Add some greenery

If your home was filled with plants and other hints of nature, you don’t have to give all of that up. Just consider the size of the plant that would be a good fit and where it can be placed to get great light and be out of the walkway.

If you were growing an herb garden in your kitchen, look for a space in your new home that could serve as a nook where you could set up a shelf or two to hold your treasures. If not, many communities have gardens for their residents who love to cultivate and grow.

8. Make your assisted living home your own

Change is always a challenge, even when it’s a good one. Be kind to yourself and allow time to adjust to your new home and community. Refrain from dwelling on what you miss and instead look for advantages that are there.

Communities offer a full month’s worth of activities and it’s the perfect way to meet your neighbors and make new friends. Sign up for an exercise or stretching class. Join a book club. Even if you have to push yourself a little in the beginning, it will help you settle in quicker. Before you know it, you’ll be right at home.

Westminster at Lake Ridge Assisted Living community

We understand the challenge of moving. And change can always be a little unsettling. That’s why we suggest our residents give themselves some time to get familiar with their new surroundings.

Looking forward to your future can greatly help with the transition. We think you’ll love your new home but when you step outside, you’ll discover another world of possibilities just waiting for you.

Whatever your interests may be, you’ll find it in one of our activities, social events, education or artistic classes or just having the chance to make a new friend and talk about your grandchildren.

With all the opportunities waiting, we believe when you move from your home to ours, you’ll find it becoming yours again in no time.

Call (703) 420-7105 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.


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