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Posted: Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Benefits of an independent living community: friends, activities and fun

Considering a move to an independent living community? It’s really a lifestyle choice. And you’ll enjoy the advantages of delicious dining options in a maintenance-free, secure and safe community.

But of course, the benefits of independent living go far beyond that. Because what may bring more life to your life are the friends, activities and fun that you’ll have.

Take a closer look at what could be yours.

1. The benefits of friends and social relationships

As we grow older, friendships may be even more important than family when it comes to our longevity and quality of life, according to research that compared data with people of different ages to those of older Americans.

This discovery was confirmed with their answers about different relationships and how happy they were. The older group reported valuing friendship more than when they were younger. Family ties were also linked to happiness but their importance remained the same over a person’s lifespan.

Other studies have revealed that strained friendships can lead to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease or other emotional problems while strained family relationships didn’t have that same effect.

We all need healthy connections in our life but as we age it seems to be even more important to have strong friendships. And although older adults tend to socialize with fewer people, they invest more in quality vs quantity.

The advantages of independent living when making friends:

  • The perfect place to meet new people

  • Opportunities offered at a time in life when friendships are often fewer

  • Enjoyment of being around others with similar interests and life experiences

  • Planned events and activities that make meeting your neighbors even easier

2. The benefits of activities and staying engaged in life

There are many benefits of retirement living and the advantages of staying active extend beyond just the physical. Our psychological health is improved as well. Remaining engaged can help reduce anxiety, stress and the risk of depression. But it doesn’t end there.

Our relationships and activities help stimulate our brains and bring interest to our lives. An important advantage to staying connected socially is that it significantly decreases your risk of self-isolation, which can have great consequences to your health. Try joining a book club, art class or learn to garden, options typically available at a community.

But we do need physical activity as well. As we grow older, we lose muscle and bone mass. Exercising regularly can slow this process, strengthen our bones and relieve joint and muscle pain. And it doesn’t require hours of extreme movements.

Research shows that even 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day can do the trick. And it’s never too late to start. One study of frail nursing home residents in wheelchairs revealed improvement in their strength and functional ability after they participated in a weight-lifting program.

The advantages of independent living to stay active:

  • An on-site fitness center, classes and assistance to create and maintain an exercise program

  • Yoga, tai chi or strengthening classes to help improve balance and lower risk of falling

  • A monthly calendar of planned activities. All you have to do is choose and attend

  • Opportunities to naturally create relationships at social events or while using the amenities

  • Numerous occasions to participate in a healthy and stimulating social network

The benefits of experiencing joy and having fun

Some seniors view growing older as a time of decline. They dread feeling lonely and depressed and not having meaning in their life.

While others know that the glass is not only half full but is brimming over the top with possibilities.

If you’re in the second group, you’ve unlocked the key to aging successfully.

Having joy in life contributes to healthy aging and can even extend your longevity. Growing older is not something you should want to avoid because this time in life can be some of your happiest days.

We may assume our most pleasurable years are in childhood, when we’re raising our own children or when we’re climbing the economic ladder of success. But research tells a different story. It will most likely occur in retirement.

Illustrated as a U-shape on a graph, the assumption that life will be a slow, steady decline is disputed. So is the belief that happiness will sharply drop off the page once we reach our later years. Instead, we likely experience a dip when reaching middle age, but after that our life satisfaction goes back up. Those who are 65 are about as happy and satisfied with life as younger adults in their 20s.

Another study examined the relationship between having a positive outlook and physical well-being. Those who were unhappy were at an increased risk to develop issues such as diabetes, heart disease and strokes. So the value of joy and happiness shouldn’t be overlooked.

The advantages of independent living to find happiness and fun:

  • There are so many enjoyable activities. If you think you’ve forgotten how to have fun, you’ll rediscover it there

  • Experience the joy of having well-deserved time to finally spend as you wish

  • Offered support to help you find your sense of purpose and what makes you happy

  • Opportunities to explore new interests

  • The delight of creating new and life-long friends - especially those who make you laugh

Ingleside’s Westminster at Lake Ridge Independent Living community

At Westminster at Lake Ridge, our community is designed to provide exactly what you need to live your best life. You’ll find beautiful homes, delectable dining options, safety and security and of course, maintenance-free living.

But we also know what makes life meaningful. We provide so many choices for you to meet your new neighbors and friends. Our social events are not only energizing and entertaining, but fun. And with our long list of monthly activities, you are sure to find several that appeal to you.

Our amenities and fitness center are here to keep you active, helping boost both your physical and emotional health. And if being outdoors is your preference, you can visit one of our two fishing ponds or discover our 62 beautiful wooded acres with walking trails.

Call (703) 420-7105 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.

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