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Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Relocating to senior living vs renovating your home

Have you found yourself standing at a common crossroads after retirement? Planning ahead for the lifestyle you want and the home that would best be supportive?

If that sounds familiar, you’re joining many seniors considering renovation vs relocation and:

  • whether their existing house is age-friendly

  • if it will require expensive renovations

  • or if they would rather relocate to a senior living community

If you need help making that decision, here are a few tips to guide you:

Options to move or renovate to age-in-place

If your preferences don’t already lean strongly to one choice or another, measure the compelling factors side by side. Asking the questions below may point out the best decision for you.

Should you remain at home?

1. Begin by assessing the structure and condition of your home. Will it need a renovation to support successful aging? AARP offers a Home Fit Guide that can help get you started.

2. If your home will need modifications, how extensive, and therefore expensive, would these changes be? Talking to a contractor experienced in remodels can help you estimate a budget.

3. Would you be able to remain in the home while the remodel took place? If the kitchen or bathrooms are under construction, you may need to move out until the work is complete.

4. Would the renovations to your house result in increased resale value? Most retirees don’t want to put more money in their home than could be recognized when selling.

5. Is the home the right size and layout for you now? Are you maintaining and cleaning a space that is rarely used? Are you ready to downsize and simplify your life?

6. Is the neighborhood age-friendly? If you made the renovations, would you be living in a supportive neighborhood that offers the services you need?

Relocating to a senior living community

1. If you want to stay in the area, are there senior or independent living communities available that could become your next home?

2. What is the type of lifestyle available in the community you’re considering? Take time to think through the kind of retirement living you want and make sure that it would be supported there.

3. What advantages and benefits do they offer? Do they have opportunities to remain socially engaged, to stay physically fit as well as dining options and other services that will reinforce the life you want?

4. What are the other residents like? Are they active adults such as yourself? Do you see common interests that you could share with your new neighbors and the chance to make new friends?

5. How does the cost of senior living compare to the cost of renovating your existing house? And which option gives you the best chance to achieve the lifestyle that you desire?

6. What type of advantages might senior living offer that go beyond just the physical home that you’d be moving into? Schedule a tour of the community and see for yourself if this could be home - offering you opportunities for a fulfilling and secure life.  

Factors that contribute to healthy aging

Although it’s important for your home to support you to comfortably and safely age-in-place, much more than the physical structure is required to create a healthy and rewarding life.

While considering your options, make sure to look for these factors and then decide whether a move to senior living or renovating your home would most likely provide them:

1. Social opportunities

We need family, friends and other relationships throughout our life, but maybe even more important as we grow older. The risk of isolation increases as the years’ pass but the benefits of remaining engaged in life impact both our physical and emotional health.

Ask yourself if there are opportunities in your current neighborhood to take part in a socially active life. Are you able to attend events or group activities as often as you used to? For many seniors, transportation can become a challenge.

2. Exercise and staying physically active

As we grow older, we can begin losing muscle mass and flexibility which can lead to increased risks of injuries or mobility issues. It can be hard for anyone to maintain a fitness program so you’ll want to find a way that will not only make it easier for you but might provide motivation as well.

Do you have easy access to a nearby gym or fitness center? Is there a trainer or staff member who can show you the right way to exercise properly or lead a class that not only is beneficial to your health but fun?

3. Eating healthy and optimally

Nutrition may never be as important as when we grow older. We need the right diet to fuel our bodies. Research continues to show that certain foods can help prevent or slow down the process of Alzheimer’s or other cognitive illnesses.

More than just nutrients affect whether our diets are healthy. The menu options available, the dining environment and the social atmosphere all combine to influence our choosing healthy options.

4. Living in a home that supports mobility and independence

If your home requires climbing stairs to get inside or to continue the climb once you’re there, this could hinder your ability to handle mobility issues as you grow older. Narrow hallways and small bathrooms can make a home too hard to navigate if assistive equipment is needed.

If your home has been designed with all of the aging challenges in mind, it’s easier to remain and live an independent life. The neighborhood can also greatly impact your safety and feeling of security.

Ingleside’s Westminster at Lake Ridge Independent Living community

If you find yourself at the crossroads of whether you should relocate to a senior living community or renovate your home, we hope these tips will help.

One advantage that Westminster at Lake Ridge offers is not only beautiful private homes, but a community that provides all the opportunities to live an engaged and meaningful life.

From our fitness center, social activities, amenities and dining programs, we believe you’ll find the support you need to thrive in your well-deserved life. And as an added bonus, the headaches of repairs and upkeep are no longer yours because it is also maintenance-free.

Call (703)794-4631 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.


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