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Posted: Wednesday, October 7, 2020

3 realities of aging that may make independent living the better choice

Smart aging recognizes both the possibilities and challenges of growing older. It’s not necessary to give up favorite activities just because you’ve reached a certain age, but it’s also important, to be honest.

The years do bring changes to our bodies and our minds. And it’s true that we may not be able to do everything we used to or not at the same level or speed. But the one commonality between those who won’t shortchange what they want out of life?

They know how to adapt.

Discovering different ways to offset the trials of aging seems to be key. And one option many retirees choose to accomplish that is to move into an independent living community.

The advantages can be many, but here are examples of three of the bigger realities of aging and the solutions that the right community could provide:

1. Your current home is not age-friendly

Most homes were not built to accommodate aging. This means that extensive and expensive modifications may be needed. If you haven’t yet, consider your home and how it would hold up to an assessment.

Are there stairs to get into the house or up to the bedroom or bathroom? Are the doors, hallways or bathrooms too narrow if you need walking assistance in the future? Does your bathroom include a walk-in shower or tub and have grab bars where support may be needed?

You’ll also want to consider the overall condition of your home? Are there repairs needed, such as a new roof, exterior painting or window replacements? Does your home require a big chunk of time for ongoing maintenance?

2. Increased chance of becoming socially isolated

The loss of friends and family is one of the more troubling factors that contribute to social isolation. It also becomes more difficult to meet new people and find opportunities to do so. Especially in a natural or comfortable way. Retirees often find a shrinking social network once they leave the work world.

Also contributing to an isolating life is whether you live in a rural or urban area. This can greatly influence the number of opportunities you’ll find for social activities. And if you’re becoming less comfortable driving, they may decrease further. Parking can be a challenge and hard to maneuver. But minimizing trips might lead to missing out on activities you once enjoyed.

3. Staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Research is strong that remaining active can lead to a more productive and enjoyable life. Unfortunately, this can also become harder to accomplish as you grow older.

You may be committed to your physical health, but are you able to get to a gym or fitness center regularly from where you live now? Are there other enjoyable activities that you can participate in?

Having a healthy diet may be another challenge of aging. Shopping and cooking might either become more difficult or people lose interest in the activity. But what you eat can greatly influence your physical and brain health.

How the right independent living community can provide solutions

Those who do make a move will discover answers to the above challenges and even more advantages. The benefits you may find are highlighted below:

1. Your home and the community you live in was designed for your lifestyle

One of the great elements of an independent living community is that everything there was designed to support your life.

Your home will be physically accessible and include what you might need down the road to be comfortable and to successfully age-in-place. And you’ll often find individual patios or decks that allow you to bring the outside in.

Common areas offer inviting spaces with plenty of natural light or warm decor. Amenities can include a community garden area, walking trails, library, theater and swimming pool. One move to the right independent living community can replace everything lacking in your existing home. And the maintenance-free lifestyle can make this time in life exactly what you were looking for.

2. You’ll find a full social calendar and opportunities to make friends

One look at a monthly program calendar and you’ll likely find daily offerings of fun and phenomenal things to do.

Events may take place only steps outside your door or as a trip to the city to tour a museum, take in a play or attend a lecture. Include dining, classes and other options and you’ll find an easy way to meet your neighbors and discover all that you have in common.

Another advantage of community life is that they often offer scheduled transportation. Whether it’s to an event, a medical appointment or shopping, many retirees find that they can live a full and engaged life without a car.

3. Everything you need to live an active and fulfilled life

If you’re looking at communities, you’ll want to find those who place a priority on supporting their residents to live an active life.

A workout center and trainer can help you stay committed to your fitness goals. Classes, such as yoga or Tai Chi are not only great for the body and mind but also a perfect place to meet up with your new friends.

And imagine no longer having to do the cooking? Or at least only when you’re in the mood. Communities offer a menu that appeals to a wide range of taste buds. You’ll no longer have to worry about getting nutrition into your meals and if you have specific dietary needs, you’ll be covered.

Ingleside’s Westminster at Lake Ridge Independent Living community

At Westminster at Lake Ridge, we can help you overcome the challenges of aging while supporting you to live an engaged and meaningful life. From our beautiful homes to our chef-prepared meals and first-class amenities, we believe you’ll be glad you decided to make your home with us.

And our maintenance-free style of living will give you more time to take part in the activities you most enjoy.

You’ll discover an entire community that was designed with you in mind. Walk out your door to find everything you need to embrace your retirement life. Or take advantage of all that the city has to offer, only moments away.

Call (703) 794-4631 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.

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