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Posted: Tuesday, September 29, 2020

5 myths about assisted living communities

Are you or your parent considering available options to help with some of the activities of daily living, such as bathing, getting dressed or preparing meals?

For many people, the two most common possibilities include bringing in outside home services or moving to an assisted living community.

But how do you make the best decision?

You’ll want to research both options and then compare them to find the solution that best meets your needs. But make sure you have the most accurate information available, especially when it comes to assisted living.

Families often base their opinions on mistaken beliefs and assumptions. If you’re considering a move to an assisted living community, here are 5 myths you’ll want to reject before you make your final decision:

Myth 1: Families that love each other don’t let others take care of their families

Truth: Families that love each other do take care of each other. But the insinuation in this statement is that if you really loved your parents or other loved ones, you would take care of them yourself. You would never send them off to live somewhere else.

But another truth about families that love each other is that their priority is to make sure their loved ones are safe and well taken care of. And sometimes that means making hard decisions if it can no longer happen at home. Or when it’s no longer best for your parent to live alone.

The reasons can be many. A few include safety issues, decreased ability to shop and prepare nutritious meals or isolation if they’re no longer able to drive. Assisted living communities can effectively fill in the gaps.

Myth 2: Assisted living is the same as a nursing home

Truth: Many people resist the idea of moving into assisted living because they believe it will be the same as a nursing home. And they vehemently protest that they don’t need that level of care.

Although long term care facilities can be the best solution for those who need 24/7 attention, that is not what you’ll find at an assisted living community.

What you will discover are private residences, typically apartments, that you’ll be able to personalize to make your own. You’ll have the same level of privacy as your current home, except that now you’ll have the added security of knowing that if you do need help, someone is there.

Assisted living encourages independence and can be the perfect solution for those who can still care for themselves but need a little help with mobility, personal hygiene or having access to healthy meals and social activities.

Myth 3: Their quality of life will decline

Truth: Those not familiar with assisted living today or who believe that moving into a community is the beginning of the end, instead of the beginning of a new beginning, may be surprised. In fact, you or your loved one’s quality of life will likely improve if a move is made, not decline.


Many people, as they grow older, end up living alone. They may also feel isolated from others if they’re no longer able to drive or don’t have reasonable access to other transportation. And the challenges continue. Their neighborhood may no longer be a good fit or feel familiar. And they’re likely living in a home that wasn’t designed for the challenges of aging.

Quality of life can further decline with the loss of friends or being unable to attend enjoyable activities. Assisted living offers exercise, connections with others, nutritious and delicious meals and planned events. Moving where there are others, a variety of amenities and a safe and secure home is a great boost.

Myth 4. Your loved one will become more dependent in assisted living

Truth: One misperception about assisted living is that people will lose their independence if they move into a community. But the opposite is much more likely.

Assisted living is for those who can use some help but are otherwise able to care for themselves. And the help that they’ll receive actually supports them to maintain their independence, not lose it. Research continues to show that those people who remain active as they grow older are more likely to hold on to their independence longer.   

Consider the advantages of living in a great community:

  • Planned social events make it easy to meet and mingle with friends

  • Activities that can keep your mind active

  • Fitness centers so the residents can remain physically in shape

  • Dining programs that provide not only nutritious but delicious meals

Myth 5: All assisted living communities are the same

Truth: While there can be similarities, there can also be differences. Make sure you visit a few communities in your area and ask the right questions before you make your decision.

  • How large is the staff and what training have they received?

  • Will you be able to personalize your home to make it your own?

  • Do they have a monthly activity calendar and are there choices that interest you?

  • What type of amenities are available in the community?

  • Are scheduled transportation services available?

  • What practices are in place to keep the residents safe?

  • Are common areas warm and inviting?

  • What social opportunities are available to meet others?

Ingleside’s Westminster at Lake Ridge Assisted Living community

At Westminster at Lake Ridge, we invite you to see first-hand how our community debunks not only those 5 myths but also supports you or your loved one in living an independent and engaged life. 

You’ll find all the benefits:

  • Opportunities for social interaction

  • Transportation to medical appointments, shopping and other events

  • First-class amenities

  • A full activities calendar

  • A delicious dining program

  • Our compassionate and well-trained staff

Call (703)794-4631 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.


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