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Posted: Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Remaining Independent as You Grow Older

Independence isn’t only defined by where you live or if you’re able to do everything by yourself. As we grow older, it’s not uncommon to need a little help. But your ability to live an independent life often relies more on your mindset than whether you need assistance with grocery shopping, paying bills, medication management or transportation.

Deciding how to live is more important to most people than where. And remaining in charge of their life matters more than being able to handle all the daily household chores by themselves. Where your life occurs may be just the background - either at home with help brought in or at an assisted living community where everything is offered on-site. By being proactive in creating your chosen life, you may find an independence that can’t truly be lost.

If you thought receiving help meant you could no longer live the life you wanted, you should explore all the wonderful options available today. Here are a few recommendations to consider if you’re ready to take the next step and get a little assistance in making the most of your life – in either your home or by making a new one.

Receiving at home care: 5 suggestions to find the best providers

1.  Make sure the provider you use offers an assessment and personalized service plan that fits your situation and your budget. Do you need help with just the housekeeping? Or could you use assistance with bathing and getting dressed? The services for those who are rehabilitating from surgery will be different from those who have an ongoing mobility issue. The provider should understand your specific needs.

2.  This is your home that you’ll be opening up to caregivers so you can’t be too careful when it comes to security. Find out what type of background checks are completed on caregivers and other staff involved in your plan. Ask how the company screens their employees and whether they require references.

3.  Will your caregivers be a good fit for not only your physical needs, but also your personality? You’ll want someone who is compassionate and friendly. You’ll be seeing them on a regular basis and it’s important that there is a good match so a healthy relationship can grow. Social interaction is key to home service.

4.  Do you know how to make your home a safe and comfortable place to age in? Your in-home provider should be able to provide you with a list of steps to take to minimize any hazards. They should also be able to assist in homemaking, including shopping, preparing meals, helping with pets, laundry and light cleaning.

5.  Are your home caregivers skilled in providing the best services? What training is required to be hired and is there a continuing education program that keeps them up to date on the latest practices? Is there a certification program or another way in which you can judge their mastery of skill?

When assisted living is a better fit: 5 ways to remain independent

Does your home have too many stairs or need extensive remodeling to make it more livable? If that’s the case, moving into an assisted living community can often make the most sense. But that doesn’t mean you have to lose your preferred lifestyle. Here are 5 suggestions to help keep your independence.

1.  Take your personal things with you. As much as possible, recreate your favorite room or space from your old home to your new one. That might involve favorite furniture, framed family photos, television, computer or a warm and cozy comforter for your bed.

2.  Become an active part of the community. Meet your new neighbors and get to know the staff. Reaching out can make a big difference in how quickly you’re able to integrate your new life. Take advantage of the activities offered to bridge the gap.

3.  If you haven’t in the past, promise yourself to become more active. It is so easy to do at an assisted living community because you don’t have to drive to get to the gym. Many places offer weights, exercise classes and activities that can make staying fit fun. And it’s all convenient.

4.  You don’t have to leave your old way of life behind either. Encourage friends and family to stop by for a visit or arrange to meet them like you used to for activities, an outing or a favorite place for lunch.

5.  Challenge yourself to continue to learn. Find out what the community has available or talk to them about your interests and what they can accommodate. Attend a lecture series, take a class or start up your own book club and encourage lively discussions.

Home is wherever you live

Sometimes we forget that home isn’t necessarily a physical place. It’s a space we create wherever we live. If you find the better choice for you is to bring help into your home or move into an assisted living community, make sure the company’s philosophy is based on person-directed care. Supporting and respecting your choices is how an independent individual should be treated and that is what you are.

Westminster at Lake Ridge

At Westminster at Lake Ridge, we’re here to support your choices and encourage you to live the best life that you can.

Our At Home Services are not only tailored to meet your personal needs but will be provided by caregivers that have been chosen especially for you. If Assisted Living is a better fit, we hope you’ll visit our community to discover our beautiful residences, outdoor spaces, and wellness, health and support services.

Wherever you choose to live, we’re here to maximize your independence and support your highest quality of life.

Please Call (703) 794-4631 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalized tour today.


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